School Safety Policies

Policy Categories

  • Automobile Policy

    Policy 1301 Applicable to Adult and High School Students All vehicles parked on campus must have a parking permit. These permits are to be purchased in the main office. Vehicles without permits will be towed at the owner’s expense. Once a car is parked, there is to be no loitering in or around the vehicle… [Read more…]

  • Campus Security

    Policy 1302 In compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, James Rumsey Technical Institute is pleased to report that no serious crime has occurred on campus during the years 1994 to present. No felonies were reported or investigated during this period of time. It is the policy of this school to… [Read more…]

  • Closed High School Campus

    Policy 1303 James Rumsey Technical Institute’s campus is a “Closed Campus”. High school students are expected to remain on campus for the duration of their technical and/or academic classes. Once cars are parked and students have entered the building, they are not to return to the parking lot unless they are leaving at the end… [Read more…]

  • County Responsibilities

    Policy 1304 Each Board of Education shall develop and maintain appropriate policies for implementation of this policy and for the reasonable provision of appropriate educational services to students who are excluded or suspended from class or school. These policies shall include the establishment of in-school suspension, alternative programs, classes, or schools for those students who… [Read more…]

  • Drug Policy

    Policy 1305 Drug Testing Guidelines James Rumsey Technical Institute is committed to being a drug free school.  As a condition of Simulated Workplace, all high school students who are on the path to become program completers must submit to a mandatory drug test.  First year high school students are assigned to a random pool to… [Read more…]

  • Fire Drills

    Policy 1306 Fire drills are held periodically throughout the school year. The signal is a strobe light and “buzzer” which sounds continuously for 30 seconds or longer. It is essential that everyone immediately clear the building by the prescribed route when the alarm is sounded. All students will be required to follow more detailed fire… [Read more…]

  • Insurance

    Policy 1307 Approved Drivers Must Show Proof of Liability The James Rumsey Technical Institute will not assume responsibility for any damages which may occur to vehicles on school property. Students abusing the driving privileges may be suspended from school and/or may have their driving permits revoked. All Students Are Required To Have Accident Insurance Coverage… [Read more…]

  • Medication Policy

    Policy 1308 Medications can be administered at school when it is absolutely necessary and when proper prescriptive information and parental consent have been provided. Parents should administer medication at home if at all possible. Students are not permitted to self-medicate or carry medications with them while on school property with the exception of inhalers or… [Read more…]

  • Opioid Antagonist Policy

    Policy 1317 James Rumsey Technical Institute recognizes that the opioid epidemic is affecting many West Virginians, including youth and students, which has resulted in a rising number of fatal overdoses. Pursuant to West Virginia Code § 18-5- 8 22d, the Legislature provided that public schools in the state may possess, maintain, and administer, by certain… [Read more…]

  • Policy 4373: Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools

    Policy 1309 Policy 4373 James Rumsey Technical Institute’s Administrative Council recognizes the need for students, teachers, administrators, and other school personnel to have a safe and supportive educational environment. James Rumsey Technical Institute’s Administrative Council believes further that public schools should undertake proactive, preventive approaches to ensure a positive school climate/culture that fosters learning and… [Read more…]