Academic Policies

Policy Categories

  • Admission Policy: Pre-Assessment

    Policy 1001 To ensure successful completion of the course of study, students must meet course requirements and complete all enrollment procedures before being admitted to class. All adult students who enter James Rumsey Technical Institute must be assessed. With the exception of the truck driving program*, adult students must hold a high school diploma, HISET,… [Read more…]

  • Adult Graduation

    Policy 1002 After successful completion of the prescribed course of study as outlined under the curriculum, a minimum of a “C” average has been earned, and the required number of days/hours for the program have been met, students are eligible for graduation (see attendance policy). The certificate is issued by the Administrative Council of James… [Read more…]

  • Cheating

    Policy 1003 The use of notes, documents, or answers during tests/quizzes, or the copying of one student’s completed assignments or answers by another; allowing another to do the same; or having access to information such as formulas or calculations, notes etc., except where expressly allowed. Giving or receiving limited help in trouble-shooting a part of an assignment… [Read more…]

  • Conditions of Enrollment

    Policy 1004 For students to be enrolled in James Rumsey Technical Institute, they must meet the following “Conditions of Enrollment”: Postsecondary Programs: Must have a HISET, TASC™, GED® or high school diploma (excludes Truck Driving). Students with international diplomas must supply an English translation certifying an equivalency of completion of a 12th grade secondary educational program from… [Read more…]

  • Copyright Infringement

    Policy 1005 Copyright infringement refers to the reproduction or distribution of copyrighted work without the permission or legal authority of the copyright owner. This includes downloading or uploading sections of copyrighted works as well as file-sharing without permission. This policy is consistent with the rights outlined under Section 106 of the Copyright Act (Title 17… [Read more…]

  • Grading Scales for ACE Programs

    Policy 1006 Policy 1006.1 Practical Nursing Letter Grade: A B C F Percentage: 94 -100% 87 – 93% 80 – 86% 0 – 79% Policy 1006.2 All Other ACE Programs Letter Grade: A B C D F Percentage: 90 -100% 80 – 89% 70 – 79% 60 – 69% 0 – 59% [Read more…]

  • Grievance Procedure for Students

    Policy 1007 The purpose of this procedure is to provide a way for students to reach solutions to problems, large or small, that may occur in their school lives. Good morale is maintained when sincere efforts are exerted toward constructive resolutions to problems that may arise. It is the intent of this procedure to provide… [Read more…]

  • High School Certification Policy and Credits

    Policy 1008.1 James Rumsey Technical Institute Certificate To be eligible for a certificate, James Rumsey Technical Institute secondary students must maintain a minimum of a “C” average for each required semester of their program and are limited to 10 absences (510 hours) each year, or 20 absences (1020 hours) in a two (2) year program.… [Read more…]

  • Homebound Instruction

    Policy 1009 Homebound instruction is not available to adult students. Due to the nature of the technical course requirements, instruction may be limited or impossible through homebound services. Students who will be absent for an extended period of time because of illness, accident, pregnancy, etc., should contact their home school counselor and the career technical counselor at… [Read more…]

  • Partial Credit

    Policy 1010 For some programs, high school EDGE credit or college credit may be accepted and counted toward completion of the program. Opting out allows an adult student the opportunity to waive or “opt-out” of that specific component. In such cases, students are not entitled to a tuition reduction or a partial refund of tuition. [Read more…]