Attendance Policies

Policy Categories

  • Attendance: Adult Students

    Policy: 1101 All postsecondary students exceeding the maximum number of allowable absences will be dismissed from their respective programs. For programs in which the maximum allowable days (hours) absent are fifteen (15), students will receive a warning letter upon the accumulation of five (5) absences and again at ten (10) days absent. These letters will… [Read more…]

  • Attendance: High School Students

    Policy 1102 James Rumsey Technical Institute’s attendance policy follows the West Virginia State and Berkeley County Schools’ attendance policies and procedures. A copy of these policies is available upon request. Students who are absent need to provide an absence excuse to their James Rumsey Technical Institute instructor for admission into class. Student absences are reported… [Read more…]

  • Attendance: Tardies and Signing In/Out

    Policy 1104 Tardies/Early Sign-Outs Tardiness will be documented. In high school and postsecondary technical classes, a student will be marked tardy for any part of an hour in which he/she arrives more than five (5) minutes late for that class. A tardy is equivalent to 45 minutes of “contact time”. Three (3) tardies for students… [Read more…]

  • School Attendance as a Condition of Motor Vehicle Licensing Privilege

    Policy 1103 §126-81-7. The West Virginia Board of Education recognizes that driving a vehicle is a privilege and that West Virginia Code requires young people at least fifteen but less than eighteen years of age to maintain specified driver eligibility requirements related to school attendance, personal behavior and academic progress in order to obtain and… [Read more…]