• Access to Student Records Plan

    Student records are confidential as per Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. FERPA regulations state all student files must be maintained in a locked secured location within the building.  Student records are maintained in a secure/locked/fireproof location in the main office. Records are password protected. Access to the records is maintained by the designated postsecondary… [Read more…]

  • Assisting Students in Case of Sickness, Accident, or Emergency

    Illnesses and injuries may be the most common of all school incidents. James Rumsey Technical Institute follows procedures as mandated (Senate Bill 592) by the West Virginia Schools Crisis Response Plan. Each year, during a required professional development session, the Plan is presented to all faculty and staff by one of the school administrators. A section of the Plan includes… [Read more…]

  • Campus Improvement Plan

    Personnel Responsible for Overseeing the Plan Campus improvement falls under the control of the director of James Rumsey Technical Institute. Recommendations for campus improvement are derived from input supplied by the school culture committee, the State Board of Risk Management (BRIM), inspections by outside sources (such as fire, air quality, and food inspectors), and from… [Read more…]

  • Health and Safety Improvement Plan

    The health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and guests is our number one concern. The process of learning can only take place in a safe – both physically and emotionally – environment.  Goals and Objectives  From the lighting in the ceiling to snow removal on the sidewalks, safety for all is a main goal and objective… [Read more…]

  • Institutional Placement Services Plan

    Objective The objective of the institutional placement services plan (and the responsibility of the experiential learning coordinator) is to assist students in securing part-time or full-time employment in their specific field of training.  Graduates of the Institute have lifetime placement assistance.  The Work-Based Learning Program is designed to give the student on-the-job experience under a… [Read more…]

  • Local Education Agency Plan

    Plan 2009 Years plan is applicable: 2022-2026 Indicator I Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment  Please provide a narrative description of the results of the comprehensive needs assessment conducted under subsection (c). What are the identified priorities? Everyone learns and grows best in a safe and clean environment which prioritizes excellence in achievement.   This environment is in… [Read more…]

  • Maintaining, Replacing, and Disposing of Equipment Plan

    Goals and Objectives  The objective for maintaining, replacing, and disposing of obsolete equipment is to ensure quality equipment for each program, and that the equipment aligns with today’s state and industrial standards.  Activities to Achieve the Objective  Postsecondary programs can use the CTE Equipment Replacement Grant provided by the State to maintain, update or purchase… [Read more…]

  • Media Services Plan

    Learning resource services at James Rumsey Technical Institute Education (JRTI) provide students with current, comprehensive information related to the area of training. The accessibility provides students with opportunities that intensify the quality of instruction and support the overall mission of the JRTI. Individuals learn in a variety of ways; therefore, a multimedia approach is effective… [Read more…]

  • Operation, Maintenance, and Physical Improvement Plan

    Personnel Responsible for Overseeing the Plan The day-to-day operation, maintenance, and improvement of the physical plant are under the guidance and administration of the high school assistant principal.  Goals and Objectives/Personnel Responsible for Overseeing the Plan  The assistant principal supervises a staff of one daytime maintenance custodian and four evening custodians. The daytime maintenance custodian… [Read more…]

  • Strategic Plan for ACE Programs

    Plan: 2010 Years plan is applicable: 2019-2023 Scope of Services The scope and services of the strategic plan are to consistently improve the quality of education and to remain a safe and supportive school for our students and the community. Budgetary Resources No budgetary resources are needed. Each of the objectives are maintained in-house by… [Read more…]